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Naast informatie over het bedrijf en wat het te bieden heeft als werkgever kun je hier gerelateerde vacatures of gekoppelde beroepen en opleidingen vinden.

Wie zijn wij

The Netherlands serves as the gateway to Europe for many international businesses due in part to the country’s strategic location and commerce-friendly tax structure. Agility acts as a Fiscal Representative so that foreign (non) EU companies can take advantage of VAT refunds or usage of local deferment systems without having a permanent business location or being registered in that particular country.

Wat doen wij

As a logistics leader, building on a 70-year history in the Netherlands, Agility is more than prepared to meet each customer’s unique demands for warehousing and multi-modal transport. The port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport are accessible hubs for ocean and air freight shipped by our customers in the chemicals, industrial and retail sectors. Cargo bound for Europe and eastern destinations is moved round the clock over our extensive road freight network.
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